Are you struggling to figure out how to make sure your business embraces INNOVATION?
Need help working out how to create your business VISION and the delivery STRATEGY that supports it?
Could you improve your INFORMATION management & better exploit the KNOWLEDGE in your business?

Parachute Consulting provide a range of services that help businesses and organisations to improve performance.  Click on the images above to find out more.

Parachute help clients to get the best from themselves by focusing on the things that are crucially important in any organisation: knowing where you are going and how you are going to get there.

This encompasses many different aspects – including vision, strategy, planning, efficiency, communication, culture, governance – that can sometimes seem overwhelming.  Parachute help to overcome the daunting array of terminology and management methods by focusing on practicality: the end goal is performance improvement so anything that Parachute do always has that simple target.

Over the years Parachute have developed a range of tools and models that allow us to get started quickly, and that allow our clients to start seeing a difference quickly as well.

If the things that are important to you are the same as the things that are important to us, then please get in touch.

Guide To Knowledge Management

Our influential ‘Guide to Knowledge Management’, with numerous case studies and examples, has passed the 3,000 downloads mark. 
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Guide To Innovation

Our e-book, a ‘Guide to Innovation’, focuses on how to make your organisation more innovative.
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