Information is a key asset for any organisation and, with the ubiquity of IT, the interactions and inter-workings of business and IT are therefore central to the effective use and management of information.  This is an area that is so often overlooked by organisations.
Over the years I have developed my thinking to encompass a broad knowledge and information management discipline.  I have coupled this with a passion for understanding and enabling innovation and a range of tools and methods for developing organisational visions and strategies that allow me to provide practical performance improvement advice for my clients.
That is why Parachute Consulting was set up – to fill a gap that I feel is critical to the success of a business.  That and the fact that it is a space that I think is exciting, challenging, and extremely rewarding – after all, it is important for us to enjoy what we do, too, not least because it translates to more motivated people working with you.
Parachute Consulting is me, Jonathan Brassington.  In 2004 I decided to leave the ‘big four’ world of management consultancy to focus on doing my own thing, with a vision of providing straight-forward advice and support on areas that are focused on improving business performance.
Take a look at the range of services that I offer – the core ones and the supporting ones – and you will see that it remains true to my vision of staying focused on the things that are important: alignment, vision, strategy, communication, excellence. If those things are important to you, and I hope they are, then drop us a line using the form below:

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